Why use the voice recorder?

Remote recordings like Zoom compress your audio and sound cheaper. Our voice recorder is a free online recorder for bypassing Zoom and downloading a free, uncompressed WAV recording. No signup required.

Start a podcast for free

Start recording your podcast directly from your laptop or iPhone today. Record your audio on your recorder for free, download your files and edit them, and start a 14-day free trial of Resonate Hosting to publish your content on Apple, Spotify, and more.

Back up your voice recordings

If you don't have 2 copies of your digital product, you don't have it at all. During remote recording and interviews, you can record with confidence by running the recorder in the background. Ask your guests to do the same.

Enhance your Zoom recordings

Get rid of glitches and low quality sound in your Zoom calls. Simply start recording on our recorder in your Zoom phone and ask your guests to do the same, then combine the two files in post-production.

Record a voice note to capture creativity

Don’t let inspiration about your podcast go to waste. Open the Recorder and capture a demo of that podcast intro idea, the topic for season 2, or your new strategy for inviting a guest to the show.

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