How to use online voice recorder on your PC?

If you are finding a voice recorder which can help you to record your audio, our voice recorder may be a good one for you.

Our Voice Recorder is an online voice recording tool. It does not need you to download any application to your PC, so it does not occupy any storage of your local disk. And our Voice Recorder does not require any registration. It is safe and secure enough for you to protect your private information.

How to use voice recorder on your PC

#Step 1: Open Voice Recorder website

Open up Voice Recorder website. Our free voice recorder is an online software. Any devices can open up and use it without downloading application.

#Step 2: Allow Voice Recorder to Record

After you open up our website, click the icon "Microphone" or the button "Start Record".

Then you wil see a pop-up notification.

Click the button "Allow" to accept to record.

#Step 3: Start Recording

When you allow the our voice recorder to use your PC's microphone, our system will start to record what you said or your singing.

If you want to stop recording, just click the icon "Microphone" again.

#Step 4: Listen and check your recording

Next thing you should do is to check if your recording works well. Just click the button to play the recording.If you do not satify with it, you can record again anytime you want.

#Step 5: Download recording

If you have checked your recording and found it works. Then, you need to download the recording.

Here are two ways to download recording.

One is click the button "Save", it will auto download and save to your local disk.

The other way is to click the right button " ". After you click, you will see "download" button. Then, click it to download voice recording.

#Step 6: Check downloaded voice recording

The last thing you need do is to check where the downloaded is. Find the download information at the bottom of your browser. You can click the infomation bar directly to go to see the downloaded file. Or click the right button " " to see in the folder.

Note: the recording file format is MP3 format. If you want another format, you can use our Audio Converter to transfer the format.

It is simple and easy to use, right? Did you know how to use voice recorder now?

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