Top 10 voice recorder apps for Android in 2021

Computer-based voice recorders are great. However, in many ways, they can have significant limitations. For example, you can't take it outdoors and continue recording while hiking with influencers on your site.

Portable recorders (like the Android app), however, make voice recording completely unlimited. In fact, many people are now using them to increase productivity, get work done, and save a lot of time.

Recording is just one of the many conveniences that Android phones offer. While it may not provide you with studio-quality audio - although it can still produce superior quality recordings - it does provide you with the ability to record sound anywhere, anytime.

10 Best Voice Recorder Apps for Android

#1 Android’s Stock Audio Recorder

Your Android device already has a fully functional recording app. Go to the app, press the red button, speak, and voila! You can immediately store your thoughts for later recovery.

#2 Rev Voice Recorder

Rev's Recorder application is a simple but full-featured audio recording, dictation and transcription application.

Rev's application is built based on user feedback, so you can expect really good features. What's more, we guarantee it will always be free. If you need a 99% accurate transcription right away, you can send us your recording for just $1.25 per minute of audio.

#3 Easy Voice Recorder

Designed for ease of use and one-touch recording, this app is perfect for recording JAM, music, a cappella, or more serious stuff like meetings, interviews, or lectures.

#4 Smart Voice Recorder

Storage space is at a premium, and that's where this app shines. Smart Voice records and compresses the output audio into a smaller file size, saving valuable data storage space in your device.

#5 ASR Voice Recorder

This application offers much more than what a stock recorder can do and records in a variety of formats, including lossless recording.

#6 RecForge II

Who says recorders are just for boring lecture content? RecForge II gives you the audio editing software experience in the palm of your hand! It is a new type of audio editing software.

#7 Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

A full-featured recorder that is free on the Play Store, this app records everything and compresses it into a widely compatible MP3 format. hi-Q MP3 also comes with widget support.

#8 Voice Recorder – Audio Editor

There are a lot of good things to say about this recorder. It has good audio clarity, you can edit your content, and it has an overall intuitive user interface.

#9 Cogi – Notes & Voice Recorder

The moment you press the record button, Cogi instantly backs up your recordings. In addition, it syncs everything to its own cloud-based server, allowing you to record even during a call.

#10 Call Recorder

Call Recorder allows you to set it up as an automatic call recorder that activates as soon as it detects a call coming in.

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